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Short Term Machine Hire

  Do you have the need to hire a bottle capping machine on a month to month basis? Short, sporadic batches becoming a problem? At Cap Coder we have learnt to meet the needs of smaller contract packers who don’t always require automation month in, month out. As of... read more

Filling and Capping with ROPP

Cap Coder have introduced an Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) capping head into their CC1150 Filling and Capping machine. The CC1150 machine has a CC720 torque head fitted as standard, but due to a recent enquiry with a supplier of high quality olive oil and vinegar salad... read more

New On-line Cap Tightening Machine

Cap Coder response to the current economic climate is a new capping machine with a low price tag. What it will do is tighten pre-placed caps on bottles within an envelope size of 100mm square up to 300mm high at a production rate of 35/min. The in line gated system is... read more

The Tri-Torque 3 Jaw Capping Head

Screwing caps onto bottles is a specialist job well fitted to the Tri-Torque Capping Head produced by Cap Coder. The design of the Tri-Torque is based on the fact that if a cap can be screwed onto a bottle by hand, it follows that it can be done more efficiently and... read more

Laboratory Filler Capper

This filling and screw capping machine is aimed at the laboratory small batch production market and similar applications where operational overheads are high. Historically, these industries have relied upon Cap Coder’s well proven bench mounted capping machine for... read more

David Anderton

All of our long term clients will have heard of Dave Anderton. Dave has been with Cap Coder for over 15 years during which time he has personally built many Cap Coder machines that have subsequently been shipped to our clients Worldwide. Nearly all of these machines... read more

Agent Appointed

Cap Coder is pleased to announce the appointment of Imvertec as its new agent to develop its business interests in the French and Belgium packaging machinery markets. Founded over 25 years ago, Imvertec is a well known and respected company that already supplies a... read more

Gentle Touch Contact Coder

Growing SMEs in the packaging industry and particularly those supplying the Food and Beverage market need to code their products. Whilst there are many coding methods available such as laser and ink jets, many growing companies continue to opt for contact ink coders.... read more

Money Saving Adjustable Starwheel

All companies strive to improve production efficiency and reduce wastage. This is particularly the case in the packaging industry where set up and batch change turn round times need to be reduced as much as possible. In collaboration with one of its clients in the... read more

Thermo Fisher

Cap Coder Ltd the UK based manufacturer of capping and coding machines is proud to report another delivery of its best selling and highly adaptable automatic capping machine; the CC560. The CC560 is a cost effective automatic starwheel based machine, with twin capping... read more