The packaging industry worldwide is fast moving, and key players need to adapt in a timely manner to an increasing number of changes, so they are able to:

  • stay in tune with their customers’ needs
  • maintain a competitive edge
  • continue to provide value and innovation

With packaging having a different function now than it did 10 years ago, customers are wanting capping, coding and filling solutions that are increasingly meeting the needs and expectations of specific target populations, such as older people. And this often means refining the size, shape and complexity of bottles that are to be filled, capped and coded, as well as making machines that are more environmentally friendly.

What’s innovation all about?

Nowadays, innovation is all about reducing material waste, cutting down energy lowering emissions as well as labelling and printing product protection. So in order to remain competitive, packaging machine designers and manufacturers have to think about things like increasing levels of customer engagement, as well as flexibility and sustainability.

Cap Coder’s Director Ross Prior said. “When we design packaging machinery now, we are looking to improve ergonomics and develop intelligent man-machine interfaces that have low labour costs. So what we produce is simple to use, easy to clean, flexible and reliable machines that reduce lead-time and reduce recurrent replacement costs.”

He continued. “However, what is interesting is that the demand for modern packaging machinery and equipment is on the rise particularly from growing economies such as China and the Philippines. And in these markets, they are looking for enhanced automation, integration, remote diagnostics, fast changeover capabilities, versatility and shorter turnaround times. At Cap Coder, we always do everything we can to ensure that our customer’s needs are clearly understood and then effectively met.”

Cap Coder, was established over 30 years ago as a designer and manufacturer of equipment for the packaging industry. We are a dedicated engineering company, designing and manufacturing standard and bespoke solutions to a range of capping, filling and coding applications. In addition, we have a strong customer base, both in the UK and overseas, which is founded on trust, integrity, experience and understanding.

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