Cap Coder have teamed up with Sensor Technology to produce a new Capping Torque Head with a built in torque transducer.

The ‘Torqsense’ transducer acurately measures the torque applied to the cap on the bottle, and will supply digital and analog data which will give proof of performance, consistency and batch tracability during the capping operation.

The data can be used and displayed in several ways.

On a simple panel mounted digital display.

Using a lap top pc running Sensor Technology’s ‘Torqview’ software package, which will display the applied torque in digital and graphical modes and also enable the torque readings to be stored on the hard drive for analysis later.

Using an analog input of the machine control PLC to check that the applied torque values are within the limits set by the manufacturer and raising alarms if the values fall outside these limits.

Using a digital recorder which will provide validation and secure data collection compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

The new torque head can be incorporated into Cap Coder’s extensive range of automatic capping machines, allowing for constant monitoring of the applied torque during a production run.
There is also available a enhanced version of their popular CC1440 semi-automatic cap tightening machine which incorporates the new torque head, an ABB SM500F digital recorder for secure data collection, and applied torque monitoring through the machine control PLC.

To see a video of the new torque head installed on a CC560 machine, click here


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