CC1170 Portable Cap Tightening Machine

CC1170 Filling & Capping Machine

Initially developed for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, our CC1170 is a portable filling and cap tightening machine, which is self-contained and semi-automatic. Putting you first, it has been specifically designed to be a stand-alone machine and operated by one person at a speed to suit them. Plus, its lockable castors make it easily moveable between work areas in order to give you greater flexibility. Perfect for small to medium batch operations including diagnostic, complimentary medicines and contract packer, it is simple to use and can efficiently fill, cap and tighten products from 10ml – 200ml capacity.

PLC controlled, the CC1170 comes supplied with an infeed rotary table, which automatically feeds containers into the pockets of a starwheel, before being indexed to the working stations by an electro servo drive motor. Really it’s as simples as 1, 2, 3.

1. The first station is the filling position, where your containers are filled, generally using Cap Coder’s Alphafill, Peristaltic pump dispenser, interfaced to the control system. Alternative filling machines can be offered, depending on the product being filled as well as your individual preferences.

2. After filling, the starwheel continues indexing, allowing you to pre-place/pre-start the caps to the containers before entering the capping station. There are program options that allow the machine to stop at intervals so that you can apply the caps in a more relaxed manner. This is particularly useful for training purposes or if your caps are difficult to locate onto the container.

3. At the capping position, one of Cap Coder’s CC720 MK VI ‘Tri-torque’ Heads, fitted with rubber-lined gripping jaws, is employed to descend, grip the cap and tighten it to your container. For round containers, a rubber-lined clamp assembly is employed to hold the container as the torque is applied.

After capping, the containers continue to index and are moved from the starwheel into the outfeed collating area.

What else you need to know

The machine can be supplied suitable for use in Hazardous Environments, complete with the necessary documentation for use in a Zone 2, Atex Environment.

There are also options for Validation Documentation, including HATS & SATS, DSERA, GMP and GAMP.

Contact us for more information or advice on what our CC1170 portable cap tightening machine can do to help your business become more efficient.

Overview of CC570


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Technical Specification

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  • Single operator use
  • Fully automatic PLC control
  • Servo index drive
  • Supplied with Cap Coder’s ‘Alphafill’ peristaltic pump as standard filling option
  • Integrated rotary table feed
  • Easy product changeover


  • Screw caps, including; Tamper Evident, Child Resistant, Trigger Spray, pump action, jam-jar
  • Press-on caps
  • Clean room/food environments
  • Hazardous environments