CC1440 Bench Top Cap Tightening Machine

CC1440 Bench Top Cap Tightening Machine
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Technical Specification

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  • PLC Controlled, with options for pneumatic control

  • Electric or pneumatic motors

  • Simple to use

  • Easy set up and product changeover

  • Powered infeed and clamping system


  • All Screw cap types, including; Tamper Evident, Child Resistant, Trigger Spray, pump action, jam-jar, chef’s hat

  • Press-on caps

  • Clean room/food environments

  • Hazardous environments

The CC1440 bench top cap-tightening machine is one of our original developments designed to help start-up companies who needed to reduce the risks of RSR, but with a minimal cost implication. The machine is suitable for small shaped bottles with a capacity of 5ml to 5 litre jerry can type containers, and is particularly useful in hazardous environments.

Supplied with Cap Coder’s CC720 MK V Torque heads, it uses rubber-lined change part gripping jaws, to give both accurate and consistent torque values. And different products are easily catered for using simple change parts, allowing changeovers to be carried out in less than 10 minutes.

Over the years, we have responded to your needs and requirements, so our bench top cap tightening machine is now available in several different versions, including:

  • Manual Infeed – PLC controlled and electro-pneumatically operated or pneumatically controlled and operated. For shaped containers up to 5 Litre containers, (not suitable for round containers)
  • Powered Infeed – PLC controlled and electro-pneumatically operated, or pneumatically controlled and operated. Suitable for small round and shaped containers, up to 1 Litre capacity containers. The machine can be supplied with an adaptor piece to convert the machine to Manual Infeed, as above to allow 5 Litre containers to be handled
  • Supplied with two handed ‘Start’ as standard for extra safety
    Trigger spray Applications – either of the above two machines can be supplied with an ‘Orientation’ style Torque head, to screw on trigger spray caps and turn the trigger section of the cap to the correct orientation of the container
  • Press on Caps – For use to press home pre-placed caps. A simple press head unit replaces the torque head
  • Un-tightening Application – With his variation, not only can caps be tightened, but unscrewed as well. Using a reversible motor, a simple switch will change the method of operation. Alternatively, it can be part of the operating sequence; this is particularly useful for laboratories where the filling media requires analysis. The machine unscrews the cap to allow the operator to remove the test sample, before putting it back into the machine for screwing the cap back on.

What else you need to know

The machine can be supplied suitable for use in Hazardous Environments, complete with the necessary documentation for use in a Zone 2, Atex Environment and even Zone 1, Atex Environment using an all pneumatic control and operating system.

There are also options for Validation Documentation, including HATS & SATS, DSERA, GMP and GAMP.

Contact us for more information or advice on what our CC1440 Bench Top Cap Tightening Machine can do to help your business become more efficient.