CC1770 Automatic Capping Machine

CC1170 Filling & Capping Machine

The CC1770 is an in-line fully automatic capping machine for use with a slat conveyor. Ideal for placing and tightening caps which are automatically fed into the machine, usually by vibratory bowl feeder, the typical production rate is up to 30 per minute. A cap press head operation is also available for this machine.

PLC controlled and electro-pneumatically operated, the CC1770 automatic capping machine is guarded with polycarbonate panels and access doors are interlocked to the control system.

This means that your containers travel along the conveyor and flow into the machine between adjustable fence guides and enter a gating system. At this point, a cap is pre-positioned ready to be screwed onto the bottle. An optional Torque Transducer can be used to supply tightening torque data during the cap tightening operation if needed.

When the cap has been applied, the torque head rises and the front gate retracts to allow the container to move out of the capping area allowing the next container to be processed.

What else you need to know

The machine can be supplied with a Cap Coder conveyor or supplied with a Certificate of Incorporation if you would prefer to install the machine on your own conveyor. There are also options for supplying the machine with tunnel guards if a Certificate of Conformity is required.

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  • Fully automatic
  • Suitable for large containers and caps
  • Optional Torque Transducer for capping data feedback
  • PLC controlled operation
  • Easy product changeover
  • Optional wheels/castors for mobility


  • Screw caps, including; Tamper Evident, Child Resistant, Jam-Jar, Large Diameter
  • Clean room/food environments
  • Hazardous environments
  • Installation on existing conveyor