CC560 Capping Machine


CC560 Automatic Capping Machine

Originally designed as a simple pneumatic online cap tightening machine, our CC560 automatic bottle capping machine is typically used in contract packing, cosmetic, laboratory, aromatherapy, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, chemical, household goods and the food industry. And it can easily handle small containers from 50ml capacities using a 16 pocket starwheel, to 5 litre containers using a 4 pocket starwheel.

PLC controlled and with a drive servo indexing unit, the CC560 is mounted above the working area, allowing the machine to be easily installed onto your conveyors meaning that you will experience minimal disruption to your existing line set up. The indexing unit can be programmed for different indexing speeds and/or different numbers of indexing stations, depending on the products, product fill and application.

However, thanks to the recent development of our adjustable Starwheel, the improved automatic capping machine can handle products in the range of Ø25mm – Ø80mm, which minimises the number of change parts required. This is ideal if you are a contract packer or have a varied range of products.

Overview of CC1160


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Technical Specification

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To ensure increased efficiencies, and flexibility, we developed the CC720 MK VI Torque Head, which works well in the CC560 machine. The torque head is supplied with an electric motor, which can be controlled with Speed and Torque potentiometers to give the desired torque, accurately and consistently. The torque head can be supplied in different formats to suit your design requirements, this includes:

  • Single head cap tightening, the most basic format, where pre-placed/pre-started caps are tightened to the required torque
  • Twin head cap tightening, similar to the above, but the starwheel is indexed two positions at a time, before the torque head act in unison to tighten caps two at a time for faster production rates
  • Single head automatic capping, where the caps are picked form a cap transfer system and automatically applied to the container
  • Rotary swing head automatic capping, similar to the above, but operates so that whilst one head is screwing a cap on, the other is picking a cap in preparation.

We can also adapt the CC560 to suit your requirements and specifications which may include:

  • trigger spray & pump spray applications – trigger is tightened and oriented to the alignment of the container
  • addition of a stainless steel frame-work – if filling with corrosive materials
  • interface with our ‘Gentle Touch’ coder for bottom/top coding


What else you need to know

A Vibratory Bowl feeder is normally used for presenting the caps to torque heads when automatically capping.

The machine can be supplied suitable for use in Hazardous Environments, complete with the necessary documentation for use in a Zone 2, Atex Environment. There are also options for Validation Documentation, including HATS & SATS, DSERA, GMP and GAMP.

Ancillary equipment can also be supplied, including conveyors, feeding and collating rotary tables and hopper/elevators for bulk supply.

Contact us for more information or advice on what our CC560 fully automatic capping machine can do to help your business become more efficient.


Starwheel based, with overhead indexing drive servo motor
Fully automatic PLC control
Options for different capping modes
Installed over existing conveyor
Customised to suit the application


Screw caps, including; Tamper Evident, Child Resistant, Trigger Spray, pump action, jam-jar
Press-on caps
Clean room/food environments
Hazardous environments