CC570 Online Cap Tightening Machine

CC570 Online Cap Tightening Machine

The CC570 is our new in-line Cap Tightening Machine, and is ideal for all applications including contract packing, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household goods etc. The machine is also adaptable for press-on caps, ROPP capping and filling operations using peristaltic and volumetric fillers.

PLC controlled (Mitsubishi FX1S plc), the CC570 Capping Machine is conveyor based and can be easily installed onto your conveyors with minimal disruption to the existing line set up. A built-in conveyor can also be supplied if required. Production rates of up to 40 units per minute are achievable depending on the size of your product.

What else you need to know

To ensure increased efficiencies, and flexibility, we developed the CC720 MK VI Torque Head, which works well in the CC570 machine. The torque head is supplied with an electric motor, which can be controlled with Speed and Torque potentiometers to give the desired torque, both accurately and consistently.

The machine can be supplied suitable for use in Hazardous Environments, complete with the necessary documentation for use in a Zone 2, Atex Environment. There are also options for Validation Documentation, including HATS & SATS, DSERA, GMP and GAMP.

Ancillary equipment can also be supplied, including conveyors and feeding and collating rotary tables.

Contact us for more information or advice on what our CC570 online cap tightening machine can do to help your business become more efficient.

Overview of CC570


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View Technical Specification

Technical Specification

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  • On-line with simple gating
  • Mk.VI Capping Head
  • Fully automatic PLC control
  • Options for cap pressing, roll-on-pilfer-proof (ROPP) caps and spout orientation
  • Installed over existing conveyor
  • Customised to suit the application


  • Screw caps, including; tamper evident, child resistant, pump action, jam-jar
  • Press-on caps
  • ROPP caps
  • Clean room/food environments
  • Hazardous environments