CC100 Contact Coding & Marking Head

The most reliable way to batch code and mark with ink


CC100 Coding Head
Overview of CC100


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  • Compact ink coder
  • Robust with gentle touch
  • Interchangeable print sizes
  • Prints on or off line on product, carton or label
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Dimensions: 190 x 110 x 200mm
  • Coding pressure: 10 to 20 psi


  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Food product packaging.
  • Codes on paper, card, plastic, metal, glass & more.

Our CC100 Coding Head was designed in 1979, and is a tribute to the integrity of the design that it has been copied across the world with virtually no alteration to the basic mechanism.

Our reciprocating ink coding unit, known as the ‘gentle touch’ coder, is:

  • Compact and inexpensive
  • Capable of contact coding at low pressure of 10 to 20 psi
  • Controlled by a Cap Coder control module or your PLC

The CC100 is a compact reciprocating contact ink coder offering the following key USP’s:

  • Uses rubber rib type and quick drying inks
  • Can also be used with ‘Pulsar’ inking system
  • Instant handling with specially formulated quick drying inks
  • Simple to install, control and maintain
  • Pneumatic or electronic controller available
  • Used for date, batch and colour coding

Contact us for more information or advice on what our CC100 Contact Coding & Marking Head can do to help your business to become more efficient.


Introduction to the CC100 Coding Head

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