E-Cig E-Liquid Filling, Plugging & Capping Machines

Designed & Manufactured in the UK for the E-Cigarette & Vaping Industries
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E-Cig E-Liquid Automated Production Machinery

Mini-Mono E-Cig E-Liquid Filling & Closing Machine

Mini-Mono Filler Capper

The Mini-Mono can be configured to suit every budget from a fully automated solution, integrated into your production line, or can be used as a semi-automatic machine, where the operator manually applies the plugs, caps, and the seals for example

Servicing, Support & Re-Conditioned

Servicing, Spares & Re-Conditioned

If you need change parts, require servicing or spares for your existing machinery or would like to enquire about Re-Conditioned machinery, please contact us. We can advise you on any type of machinery for the packaging industry.

Mini-Mono E-Cig E-Liquid Filling & Closing Machine

CC1160 E-Cig

The E-CIG CC1160 has been specifically designed to assist in the filling and capping of e-cigarette e-liquid refill cartridges. The video below gives you a great overview of the machine in action.

Betafill Peristaltic Liquid Filling Pump

E-Liquid Filling Machines

Our Betafill Peristaltic Filling Pump is a standalone machine for the precise controlled dosing of E-Liquids, E-Juice and other high-value products. We also supply Gear Fillers and Volumetric Piston Pumps.

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