E-Cigarette Filling, Plugging & Capping Machine

The E-CIG CC1160 has been specifically designed to assist in the filling and capping of e-cigarette refill cartridges. This short video gives you a great overview of the machine in action.

The Process

This fully automatic monobloc machine starts by feeding and orientating all components of the refill cartridge (the bottles, droppers and caps). It fills the bottles to an exact volume, inserts a dropper, attaches and tightens a cap to the desired torque, tests the torque automatically, where required for validation reports, and then places the item onto a conveyor belt ready to go through to the labelling machine.

Sophisticated Error Checking

One-off errors that cause a shutdown and require manual intervention can be costly, so we have employed sophisticated error checking throughout the cycle as follows:

Firstly, when the bottle is filled, a sensor checks the fill level and either passes the container or registers an error code. Secondly, after the dropper is placed in the container, a sensor verifies that it exists and pushes it down tight. If this dropper is missing then an error code is registered. Thirdly, there is a sensor as part of the cap placement and tightening unit. Again, if the cap is missing or doesn’t tighten correctly, an error code is registered.

Configurable Error Checking

This error checking is completely configurable. So, for example, if more than three errors are detected in a row, there may be a problem that DOES actually require manual intervention and the production can be automatically stopped and require manual intervention before restarting.

60 Cartridges Per Minute

At the end of this cycle, the completed containers are passed to a labelling machine. However, any containers where an error was detected are automatically deflected into a reject lane. The machine is not interrupted and, with our specialist “double headed” filling solution, production of up to 60 cartridges per minute is maintained.