‘Intelligent Torque Head’

Cost Effective Quality Control

In many applications, the ability to know and prove that a cap has been properly fitted AND tightened correctly to a precise measurement of torque is becoming more important. Quality control systems demand proof of performance and consistency and recording of this data onto a computer hard drive is especially useful.

The current method of achieving these results uses our torque transducer which can be fitted as an option to the torque head. This powerful sensor measures the applied torque every single time, is extremely accurate and also records this data for every cap.

For many applications this level of sophistication actually offers more than is required so Cap Coder have developed a more cost effective alternative. We have a developed an ‘Intelligent Head’ using a Schneider servo motor with its controls linked to the HMI (Human Machine Interface) on the main machine.

The torque limit and tolerance required by the motor to apply to the cap can be set in the HMI. This applied torque is then measured, visually displayed, and this data is logged on the hard disk.

The capping head also has the ability to untighten a cap, display and record the torque required by the motor, and then re-tighten the cap to the desired limit.

This can be achieved manually by pressing a programmable button on the HMI and can be set up to perform the test at required intervals or at random.

Although this method will not deliver as accurate and precise measurements as our transducer technique, it will suffice in most cases as it can be used to check that a consistent torque has been applied, and record the data. This feature will be available on most of our machines in the future, starting with the C570 model and then rolled out onto our other machines over the following months.

Due to the integration with the main machine control and HMI, this version of torque head will not be available as an individual unit.

To find out more, contact us on 01865 891466 or email [email protected]

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