This filling and screw capping machine is aimed at the laboratory small batch production market and similar applications where operational overheads are high.
Historically, these industries have relied upon Cap Coder’s well proven bench mounted capping machine for small batch runs; the CC1150.

But Cap Coder has now re-designed this model and developed the new CC1170 which addresses the challenges of changing production needs.
This machine was demonstrated for the first time at PPMA 2006 Birmingham 26-28 Sep Stand D60 and Macropak 2006 Utrecht 3-6 Oct Stand 1C 060

The prime aim of the CC1170 is to reduce the dependence on highly qualified expensive operators whilst making the machine compact and easily manoeuvrable within the confines of limited costly production space. In this regard it has many advantages over the CC1150.
Bottles are pushed on mass onto a central rotary in-feed table from a collapsible placement table by the operator. These are then fed via a starwheel to an integral automatic filler station supplied by means of a peristaltic pump. The caps are then manually placed before being moving on to the capping station, where they are tightened by one of Cap Coders Tri-Torque capping heads that is torque and speed controlled. The cycle is completed when the bottles arrive at the collating area for packaging. All of this completed within a very small footprint that can easily be handled by the one operator.
A pre-count functionality and plc control ensure that the operator can leave the machine to fulfil other duties for short periods safe in the knowledge that the machine will continue to operate safely.
Depending on filling requirements, the CC1170 is capable of production rates of 30 bottles per minute. Bottle sizes typically range between 10 ml and 1 ltr and electrical or pneumatic capping drives are available depending on client choice and application demands.

The CC1170 will be an effective product asset for any company needing to fill and cap bottles with high value contents in small batches, maximise the use of high cost human resources and keep running costs to a minimum. The CC1170 is in production now with a delivery forecast of 8 weeks from receipt of order.