Micro-Mono bench top filling & cap tightening machine

The Micro-Mono is a bench top self-contained filling and capping machine; starwheel based with an out-feed cam-out guide. The machine is easy and simple to use for a single operator.
The machine is semi-automatic, with PLC control, and features starwheel servo indexing.

The starwheel is a change part secured by thumb knobs to an aluminium plate which is indexed by a servo drive in the base of the machine.
PLC and controls are mounted within a control cabinet located at the rear of the machine.
The machine, when linked to a filling system, is provided with a filling station and diving nozzle mechanism or a static filler nozzle.
Bottles are placed into the pockets of the starwheel and the machine can run continuously or set to a pre-determined number to allow for a pause to apply the caps.

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