All companies strive to improve production efficiency and reduce wastage. This is particularly the case in the packaging industry where set up and batch change turn round times need to be reduced as much as possible.
In collaboration with one of its clients in the Pharmaceutical industry, Cap Coder has developed an innovative Starwheel that negates the need for the client to purchase, store and maintain a wide range of change parts; a considerable cost saving.
The Pharmaceutical company in question was already using Cap Coders highly successful CC560 fully automatic PLC controlled capping machine. However, because of client demand for containers of varying sizes and shapes, more and more change parts were required. Subsequent constant changes and disruption to the production process began to counter the inherent efficiencies of the CC560.
Cap Coder’s engineers needed to respond quickly to design a universal star wheel that could accept a variety of shapes that included round, square, oval and rectangular containers. They also had to accommodate sizes within a range of 25mm to 85mm cross sectional dimension. What finally evolved is the Cap Coder Adjustable Starwheel.
Made of hard wearing and robust HDPE, the Cap Coder Adjustable Starwheel is simple to install and can be adjusted in situ without any tooling and with the minimum of operating training. One simple adjustment alters the width of the pocket about the centre line, whilst another alters the root dimension of the pocket independently. Disruption to production flow is minimal.
The variable Starwheel not only saves money, it enables Production organisations to rapidly respond to changing client need; maintaining existing business whilst capturing new opportunities.