Betafill Peristaltic Filling Pump

Following the success of our Alphafill Filling Solution we are delighted to announce our brand new peristaltic pump – the Cap Coder Betafill.

This standalone machine is designed to deliver precisely controlled doses of liquids into containers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, diagnostic and other high-value industries. New technical developments have increased the dosage accuracy and the improved variable-speed stepper motor ensures that dosage delivery is precisely calculated. Operators can program the exact dosage on the touch-screen interface for any size of delivery tube and can save up to 10 programs for future use.

An additional head can be added to fill two containers at the same time with the same dosage or machines can be linked in parallel as “slave pumps” to fill up to 5 different containers with different liquids and doses – all at the same time. There is a diving nozzle that descends into the neck of each container, delivers the dosage and then retracts out of the way. Combined with programmable “suck back” techniques, this eliminates any drips and spillage, reducing downtime and prolonging the life of the machine.

The Betafill pumps can also be integrated into a capping machine to provide a seamless one stop solution for your filling and capping requirements.

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If you’re looking for a more accurate and faster filling solution, please contact Ross and his team on 01865 891466 or email: [email protected]