Cap Coder response to the current economic climate is a new capping machine with a low price tag.

What it will do is tighten pre-placed caps on bottles within an envelope size of 100mm square up to 300mm high at a production rate of 35/min.

The in line gated system is built up to a standard, not down to a price, which will be well understood by Cap Coder’s existing clients.
Whereas many Cap Coder machines are heavily customised to suit very specific applications, this machine, the CC570, is intended to remain “standard” to achieve the cost benefits of standardisation. Minimal change parts and cost reduction follows from no starwheels, or fences or starwheel servo drive. The torque head is the latest CC720 MkVI which has rubber lined gripping jaws and the bottle gripping pads may need to be formed and lined to give good torque resistance without bottle distortion. The machine can be used with an existing slat conveyor or a suitable conveyor can be supplied. The machine can be adapted for press-on caps and ROPP caps.

The control system, housed in an IP65 enclosure, is electro-pneumatic and includes a plc and simple controls and indicators that are already well proven in Cap Coder’s existing machines.