Cap Coder’s Alphafill Peristaltic Filling Pump

Cap Coder Alphafill

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Alphafill Overview


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Technical Specification

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  • Digital control pulse sensing
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Remote operation
  • Touch screen control
  • Twin pump heads available


  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Diagnostic products
  • Aromatherapy oils

Our Alphafill Peristaltic Filling Pump is a standalone machine for the precise controlled dosing of liquids during the production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and other high-value products. Featuring a top-quality peristaltic pump head powered by a variable-speed brushless dc motor, the Alphafill provides:

  • A touch-screen operator interface – gives you the ability to program an exact dose for any given size of delivery tube, and to save up to four different programs for instant access and use
  • A programmed dose of liquid which is digitally controlled using a pulse sensor rather than a timer – enables you to eliminate unreliable dosing because of changes in motor speed
  • An option for manual use or remotely controlled by a programmable logic controller forming part of a capping machine, or other process machinery, via an industry-standard 5-pin 180º DIN socket.
  • A pump motor equipped with a reverse suck-back feature – prevents drips after each dose is complete, while maintaining consistent, precise filling volumes.

What else you need to know

Where necessary, two peristaltic pump heads can be fitted for faster filling or twin-filling operation. Programming the dose is straightforward. For a tube of a bore from 0.8mm to 8.0mm, you can select the dose required and enters a set point obtained from the operating manual on the touch-screen. Saving that set point programs the Alphafill to deliver precisely that dose through that tube every time. If suck-back is required, the amount of suck-back needed is entered via the touch-screen and becomes part of the saved program. Up to four programs can be stored at any one time.

The Alphafill will now be supplied as standard where required as part of Cap Coder’s range of automatic capping and filling machines, and is available now as a standalone programmable filling machine to improve your product dosing and eliminate wastage.

Contact us for more information or advice on what our Alphafill Peristaltic Filling Pump can do to help your business become more efficient.

Easy Set-Up

Select the tube from the chart which shows set point recommendations for a range of doses. These set point values are only a guide for the size of tube and speed of the pump. The set point can be adjusted by increments or by entering a new number. Note also that two pump heads can be used for faster filling into a single container or half filling into separate containers. To load the tube into the pump head, lift the pump top lever to slide open the track. Turn the two adjusting clamps to suit the diameter of the tube. Load the tube and close the lever. Place the in-feed end of the tube into the product container and the out-feed end onto a suitable filling nozzle.