Cap Coders flagship machine. Each one designed bespoke to customer specification.

CC1160 Monobloc Filler and Capper with ROPP Option

Robust and reliable Starwheel-based filling and capping machine

  • All-servo version available

    All height adjustable stations are controlled via servo motors, eliminating any possible operator error

  • Always incorporating the latest industry technology

  • Sophisticated

    Can incorporate sophisticated features such as load cells, level sensing sensors, vision systems.

  • Positive rejection system

  • Fully Bespoke

    Can be designed to suit your exact specification


  • - Screw caps, Tamper Evident, Child Resistant, Trigger Spray, Pump Action, Jam Jar

  • - Press-on caps

  • - Clean Room/Food environments

    - Hazardous Environments


12 months

Our CC1160 capping machine is designed as an automatic filling, plugging and capping machine for small containers, and is typically used in the laboratory, aromatherapy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, diagnostic and e-cigarette sectors. It can easily handle products from 5ml up to 250ml, with cap sizes up to Ø80mm depending upon the production process required.

PLC controlled, with Human Machine Interface functionality and a servo-driven indexing unit, the CC1160 can be programmed for different indexing speeds and/or different numbers of indexing stations, depending on the products, product fill and application.

However, thanks to a revised ‘Modular’ design (modular work-heads are fitted around a large diameter starwheel) the CC1160 capping machine is now suitable for different types of application including; superglue, hot fill wax, veterinary, household products, foodstuff and nail varnish etc.

Designed and built to be truly flexible, we often adapt the CC1160 to suit your requirements with additional modules for:

The machine can be supplied suitable for use in Hazardous Environments, complete with the necessary documentation for use in a Zone 2, Atex Environment and even Zone 1 Atex Environment using an all pneumatic control and operating system. There are also options for Validation Documentation, including HATS & SATS, DSERA, GMP and GAMP.Ancillary equipment can also be supplied, including feeding and collating rotary tables and hopper/elevators for bulk supply.

Technical Drawing

Tech Specs
Cap Shape
Any shape considered. Screw and Press On
Cap Type
Most types considered
Cap Size
Ø10mm – Ø120mm, single head automatic
Ø10mm – Ø65mm, twin head automatic
Cap Application
Torque & Speed controllable. Pick & Place Option.Press on
Container Shape/Type
Any shape and material type considered
Container Volume
5ml - 1000ml
Container Height
Maximum 200mm
Schneider as standard. Client preference as required
Servo Drives
Electrical Controls
Electrical Supply
3 phase – 16 Amp
Electrical Consumption
Max 5kW
Pneumatic Systems
SMC as standard
Air Pressure
5 bar
Air Consumption
Notionally 30-100 Litre/min subject to operation
1300mm(w) x 1300mm(d) x 1200mm(h) typically
250Kg typically
Build Standard
EC Declaration of Conformity.
Machine Construction
Stainless Steel framework, stainless steel base cover and panels, polycarbonate guard doors.
Additional Options
Bowl Feeders, Bulk Hoppers, Conveyors, Rotary Tables, Press Heads. Filling machine. Plugging Station. Plug/Cap Check Stations, reject stations. Special purpose machines built to order.
Change Parts
Machine design dependent
Production Rate
Automatic Capping, Single Head
Up to 30 per minute
Automatic Capping Twin Head
Up to 60 per minute