Filling machines

From small bench top pumps to large multi-head mass production fillers.
Whether you need Peristaltic, Gear or Piston Pumps.
From micro-dosing to the bulk filling of jerry cans!

All Cap Coder capping machines, can include a filling station if necessary*.

(*Except the CC570 which can accommodate a capping station or a filling station, but not both.)

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The DeltaFill works on the principle of volumetric filling but instead of the traditional method of selecting a set number of pulses to obtain the desired fill level, you simply enter into the HMI the target fill volume,

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CC560 Filler was designed specifically for companies that wanted to minimise the potential for set-up error on product change overs by using a starwheel and fence guide system

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BetaFill brings a large technological leap, using more up to date technology such as touchscreen HMI and more accurate stepper motors.

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