E Liquid Filling Machine Case Study

Launched in 2015, Drip Hacks are now one of the biggest players in the e-liquid market in the UK.





Drip Hacks

Drip Hacks' Story

Based in Congleton, Cheshire, Drip Hacks started by selling e-liquid to order on eBay.

After building a reputation for top quality e-liquids they moved into the fast-developing DIY e-liquid market producing One-Shots and eventually creating their own version, 'Hackshots'.

After years of innovation and growth, Drip Hacks have won many industry awards and are now one of the biggest players in the market.

The Challenge

Could we help Drip Hacks take it to another level?

Drip Hacks have a number of sophisticated production lines but needed to upgrade their 10ml semi-auto filling capability.  

Their existing equipment was giving inconsistent fill levels and was very time-consuming to set-up from one job to the next.

Our Solution

We built them a Cap Coder DeltaFill – a bench top filling machine incorporating a gear pump.  

With a pneumatic shut-off nozzle ensuring that there are no drips post-fill, it’s a sophisticated, purpose-built liquid filling machine.


We designed and custom-built a DeltaFill.

Precision engineering

We purpose-built the DeltaFill with a pneumatic shut-off nozzle ensuring that there are no drips post-fill.

Always-on support

We provided telephone support backed up with frequent onsite visits to train operators. Indeed, we continue to provide support to Drip Hacks, helping them maximise the potential of their Cap Coder designed e liquid filling machine.

“This is the second Cap Coder DeltaFill we have purchased, and it’s proved so worthwhile. The guys in our production area love it.”

Alisdair Smith

Production Manager

Machine Used


Semi-Automatic, Bench-top Filling Machine

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