Semi-Automatic, Bench-top Filling Machine

Servo-controlled, highly accurate gear or peristaltic Filler

  • 360 degree Swivel HMI

    Multi-Position touchscreen.

  • Full servo control.

    Allows ramp up, ramp down and multiple speed filling to alleviate frothing products.

  • Any Size Gear Pump

    Can be fitted with any size gear head or a precision peristaltic head

  • Open nozzle or positive shut off

    Fitted with a pressure switch if using a positive shut off nozzle.

  • One master unit can control up to four slave units

    No need to buy four individual fillers.


  • - Intelligent Calibration And Specific Gravity Offset

  • - Continous Mode - Time Adjustable

  • - CIP - Clean In Place

  • - Multiple Recipe Storage To Save And Recall Individual Product Settings


bottle size
7" Touchscreen
12 months

The DeltaFill works on the principle of a volumetric filling machine but instead of the traditional method of selecting a set number of pulses to obtain the desired fill level, you simply enter into the HMI the target fill volume, eg. 120ml and the DeltaFill will calculate the number of pulses necessary for that volume.

To calibrate the filler, the operator only has to weigh/measure the dosed filled and input that figure into the calibration screen, press calibrate and the DeltaFill will automatically make the necessary offsets for an accurate fill.

The DeltaFill can work in one shot mode, where a dose is only dispensed after a signal, either from a footswitch or pressing the dose button on the HMI, or can work in continuous mode where it will then dose and then dose again after a pre-set time interval which is adjustable by the operator, eg every 1 second. A batch number can be set and the filler will count down and stop when this number is reached or instead a live view of the total number of bottles filled can be displayed.

The nozzle bracket can be installed on each of the four corners of the unit and the HMI can be adjusted up and down and rotated to any position making the DeltaFill functional in most orientations. A pneumatic shut-off nozzle can be supplied as an optional extra to help eliminate drips when filling thin liquids.

The DeltaFill also incorporates a safety pressure switch to ensure that the machine cannot be activated without an air supply.

Technical Drawing

Tech Specs
Filling Range
5ml to 5 Litre
Optional Filling Methods
Gear Head (1.5L, 6.0L, 10.0L, 17.0L) or Precision Peristaltic
Filling Accuracy
Gear Head = +/- 0.5%      Peristaltic = +/- 1.2%
Schneider TM251MESC
Schneider BCH2 synchronous 750w AC servo motor
7” Touchscreen – Housed in a swivel mounted Stainless Body
Electrical Supply
230v Single phase 50Hz
Electrical Consumption
Max 1.1Kw
264mm(w) x 483mm(d) x 439mm(h) Excluding Filling Head And Nozzle Bracket
Build Standard
EC Declaration of Conformity.
Machine Construction
Anodised aluminium extrusion framework, Stainless Steel Exterior
Additional Options
Pneumatic Shut-off Nozzle
Change Parts
Nozzle sizes
Production Rate
Operator dependent