Torque Testing Validation.

Torque Testing Validation.

As the company has advanced technologically we have increasingly developed our Torque head, culminating in it's amalgamation with a high-precision, highly accurate Torque Transducer.
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Cap Coders Torque Tester was developed in accordance with new pharmaceutical legislation. Featuring live torque readout, the ability to measure the "un-doing" torque if necessary, and the function to upload all data as a CSV or US Digital Signatures Compliant file.
The entire range of Cap Coder capping machines can be integrated with this function if necessary.

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Benfits Include;

  • Developed for pharmaceutical legislation of cap closing

  • Can measure open and closing torques in one operation

  • Units can be integrated into entire Cap Coder range of capping machines

  • Live torque readout displayed on colour HMI

  • 0.2Nm Resolution/Accuracy

  • All Data uploaded as a CSV or US Digital Signatures Compliant file

Cap Coders Torque Testing unit was developed in accordance with new Pharmaceutical legislation that requires validation of certain products and to ensure and prove that no un-qualified products can process further through the manufacturing cycle.

In machines with a reject station, any product outside of the customers set torque tolerances are automatically rejected. On more manual machines an alarm is activated and/or a warning on the HMI indicating the failure and the machine will not operate again until the rejected product is removed.
We have integrated this system into every Cap Coder model from the CC1440 bench top machine running small batch testing in laboratories up to CC1160 Monobloc’s running in fully automatic production environments.

The Torque testing unit can be programmed in a number of ways, i.e. it might be desirable for the unit to test the release torque of one cap in every 10, 20 or 50 containers. In this scenario, the torque head will apply the cap, read and record the torque, then un-do the cap, again reading and recording the opening torque before it then re-applies the cap once more for it to continue onto the next cycle.
‍Using Cap Coders proven CC720 Mk6 Servo driven capping head integrated with Sensor Technology’s high precision RWT torque transducer, has led to a very sophisticated and flexible torque testing unit that can be programmed in a number of ways.

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