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Delicate Glass Bottle Production

Our filling and capping machines are essential components in the production of Covid test kits, DNA test kits, blood diagnostics and medical diagnostic kit production. We're a trusted supplier within the Medical sector - and for many leading Life Sciences companies, too.

Repeatable fill with good closure

Positive Rejection, Remove batch waste

Highly Accurate filling and capping, for higher-quality products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty do you offer?

All new Cap Coder machines come with 12 months warranty on parts and service

Where are the machines produced?

Cap Coder design and manufacture their machines from their base in Oxfordshire, England.

What happens if I have a problem with my machine after the warranty period?

Call us here at Cap Coder and we will most likely be able to diagnose the problem over the phone. If it is an easy enough fix then we might be able to talk you, or your site engineer, through it over the phone. If it is an electrical or program issue and you have remote access installed in the machine then we will be able to take control of the machine from here at Cap Coder. If the problem is more serious then we can book a visit for one of our service engineers to come out.

What is Remote Access?

Remote Access is an optional extra that we offer that allows us to take control of our machines from anywhere in the world with internet access. This is attractive to overseas customers or larger companies that may want to make program changes at some point in the future. In addition, it gives us the possibility to diagnose potential electrical programs within the machine.

Can I use your machines with my existing equipment?

Yes of course. Frequently we will install our machines into existing lines. If you already have equipment such as fillers or labellers we can normally integrate them with our machines and often we will take control of another company’s filler and use it in one of our capping machines.

Would I be able to visit the factory to see a range of machines as they are being built?

Within Covid-19 Guidelines - Certainly. In fact, we always encourage potential customers to come and visit us at the factory so that they can meet the team and see the machines being built “in the flesh”. This way we find that it draws out questions that a customer might not have even thought of until they see the machine or speak with our engineers.

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