CC560 - Filler

Reduce Set-Up Errors, reduce potential for set-up error on product change overs by using a starwheel and fence guide system.

Bottles /min
Up to 5000ml
Container Volume

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Reduce Set-Up Errors

  • Eliminate the possibility of operator error whilst changing from product to product by simply changing the starwheel and guides

  • Nozzles are fixed in a set position – again minimising any potential set-up error

  • Servo controlled linear drive raises and lowers the nozzles allowing for slow rising fills

  • Simply select the product recipe from the HMI and the nozzles automatically adjust to the correct working height

  • Can accommodate bottles from 10ml to 5 litre.


Up to 56
Up to 300mm
Container Height
Up to 5L
Container Volume
12 months

The CC560 Filler was designed specifically for companies that wanted to minimise the potential for set-up error on product change overs by using a starwheel and fence guide system.

With this method, all your operator needs to do is to change the starwheel and fence (approximately 5 minutes), select the correct recipe for the next product from the HMI and the machine is now ready to accept the new containers.

The CC560 Filler comes with a Servo Linear Drive for the nozzles as standard. This features brings many advantages, not only in the fact that the nozzles will automatically set their height to the correct position for your set product, but it also allows us to accurately control the dosing of the container for trickier liquids.

Whether we need to simply enter the nozzles into the top of the container or whether we need to do a rising fill from the very bottom, gradually increasing the fill speed and nozzle rise speed, we have complete control over the sequence.

A large benefit of taking the product off of the conveyor and onto a separate base plate is the ability to incorporate load cells. Suppled as an optional extra, the inclusion of load cells makes for highly accurate measurements of the fill weight allowing for the desirable feature of filling to weight.

Supplied as standard with up to four gear heads (of any size) or peristaltic heads, but can be integrated with almost any type of filler. If you are familiar with a certain style or manufacturer or simply have some fillers available but would like the benefits that come with the CC560 Filler, then we are happy for our customers to 'free issue' the pumps for us to integrate.

The CC560 can be used as a filling machine or a capping machine.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please get in contact.


CC560 - Filler Technical Specifications


Filling Method

Volumetric - Gear or Peristaltic as standard (Can be integrated with any external filler)

Fill Volumes

10ml to 5Ltr

Filling Stations

1 to 4

Nozzle Dive Mechanism

Servo controlled


Container Shape/Type

Any shape and material type considered

Container Volume

25ml - 5ltr

Container Height

Maximum 320mm using Standard machine frame

Control, electrical, Pneumatic



Schneider as standard. Client preference as required


Servo Drives



Electrical Controls



Electrical Supply

230v Single phase – 16 Amp via MCB “D” rated.


Electrical Consumption

Max 5.2kW

Pneumatic(If Using Shut-Off Nozzles)"

Pneumatic Systems

SMC as standard

Pneumatic(If Using Shut-Off Nozzles)"

Air Pressure

5 bar

Pneumatic(If Using Shut-Off Nozzles)"

Air Consumption

Notionally 6Ltr/min subject to operation



965mm (inc control box) (w) x 940mm (d) x 1975mm (h)


210 kg

Build Standard

EC Declaration of Conformity. IP 65 rated

Machine Construction

Stainless Steel framework, stainless steel base cover and panels, polycarbonate guard doors

Production & options


Additional Options

Bulk liquid hopper, fill check sensors, load cells (for fill to weight)


Change Parts

Starwheels & fences, potentially different nozzles

Production Rate

Up to 50 units a minute but dependant on number filling heads, size of fill and liquid characteristics

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